Procurement is not a
Cost Center anymore!

Does this mean, Cost Savings?

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Direct Procurement

Mostly pre-defined thus less potential for
Optimization and Cost Savings

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Indirect Procurement

Catch is here for Cost Optimization
followed by Savings

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You Deserve one of the
Best and Experienced
Procurement Service Providers
to support bringing Savings

Our Team

With 40+ years of Supply Chain experience, Tutelam supports you in the Cost Optimization journey

End User Collaboration 90%
Lead Innovation 80%
Negotiation Skills 90%

What We Do Best


we are good at what we do

We are here to
assist in your
Indirect Procurement

The best P2P Outsourcing Service Provider, supports Organizations by taking over the procurement lifecycle for tangible benefits such as cost savings and efficiency gains. Also, intangible benefits like access to category expertise and skills transfer, all of which deliver fast benefits realization.

As a Tail Spend Management Service Provider, our phased approach in transitioning the Procurement Outsourcing gives Organizations a great comfort as we do not try to give any false commitment that the cost savings will come right from the first month. Operational Excellence will lead to cost savings. 

What categories of Goods & Services we handle

We are experts in
managing Below
Indirect Procurement Groups

360 logistics Solutions

Explore What We Are Doing Better in your Logistics

Freight Management System

(fully integrated)

Our Robust & Sophisticated Freight Audit & Payment (FAP) system

Meets your below
Logistics goals

Freight Pre-Invoicing
Freight Budget Alerts
100% Accurate Fright Accruals
SLA Tracking
Diverse MIS Including BU-Wise Freight Spend

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