Procurement is not a
Cost Center anymore!

Does this mean, Cost Savings?

Why we are the best
Procurement Outsourcing
Service provider?

Tutelam, a true Procurement company supporting
Core and Non core Procurement Outsourcing with our
Services and Technology as well

Yes, P2P (Procure to Pay) solution
at affordable and straight forward prices

Interestingly, as OpEx!

Tutelam is a Total SCM company expert in P2P Outsourcing services enabled with IT solutions as well as Non-Core Procurement Outsourcing. We partner with Corporates and take over Indirect spend tasks, hence Organizations focus on core areas for processes improvement leading to cost savings.

60+ years of Collective domain experience in Demand Consolidation Procurement. Strong Vendor base in Logistics, F&B, FMCG, Construction, Indirect Purchases and Packaging, etc.

  • One stop Procurement Outsourcing Service provider.
  • Support in Operational excellence Enhance Compliance
  • Facilitate cost reduction and
  • Easily adaptable commercial (OpEx)

Tutelam extends support Corporates in Software End User License Agreement (EULA) services through tools such as Blackduck.

Our Blackduck Experts are at the verge with its comprehensive knowledge.

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Direct Procurement

Mostly pre-defined thus less potential for
Optimization and Cost Savings

Indirect Procurement

Catch is here for Process Optimization
followed by Cost Savings

Tutelam Team

Our team

With 40+ years of Supply Chain experience, Tutelam supports you in the Cost Optimization journey

End User Collaboration
Lead Innovation
Negotiation Skills

You deserve one of the best and experienced Procurement service providers to support bringing Savings!

We can do it together.

Do you want to start project with us?

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